Graphic design is the term that is given to the creation of anything that is new and that brings fresh solutions to all the problems, be it 2D or 3D. It can also be on paper or through digital communication. The productivity is generally that can be presented and produced so as to get and fulfil its objective. The output of graphic designing includes many different types of logos and when designing interfaces, sketches that can be created either for fashion industry of machinery. It can also be used for headlines, design of textiles and many more. Designing texts is such a minute segment of what graphic design can create. It has many wonders to do. You can design many things graphically with the help of graphic design. The produced output is consumed through the visual media.

Web designing is the formation of any new and fresh type of solutions to any of the problems of the web standard. It includes many different types of graphic design options and it has experiences in all the features and facets of a website. If you want an instance, it can be easily explained through the use of texts that are rightly used by the web page that is one of the most important parts of web design. You can be easily explored through various search engines. Web designing comprises of many parts of websites and it deals on various disciplines. Whereas few of them fall under the category of graphic designing, some are the broader type of web designing. It includes designing characteristics of logo design, user interface design, link building, navigation design, copywriting, SEO, links, promotion of social media, information technology, navigation, accessibility of design, HTML, usability, access, content texting, animation, JavaScript and many more.

The most important part of any website is to make it successful. The first trait of any successful website is that it attracts the right type of audience and in the correct numbers. It should be helpful for the right type of public and viewers must search for what the site is going to present its viewers. Web designers also pay attention to the online search options, advertising, social media options or PR. the website must be easy to be found, easy to use and it should be sufficiently compelling so that to keep the people attentive and glued to the website. It should be easily read and accessed by all the viewers even if you have the slowest connection. In addition to this, the site should be user friendly, which means that one must not find any type of difficulty using the website. The most successful type of a website is the one that easily sells and makes money easily. Every site has a definite type of purpose and it must generate enough of the visitors so as to fulfil the objective for which it is created. The visitor must get his needs fulfilled through the website so that the site can contain enough knowledge so as to help the visitor in his search.