No matter what season it is, your air conditioner is essential for proper cooling Fujitsu air conditioningtemperatures inside your home. That’s why it’s an essential equipment that needs to be well-maintained on a regular basis. Whether it be air conditioner coils, filters, and fins, every part of your air conditioner will require maintenance. It is recommended so that your AC unit functions effectively throughout the entire year. Fujitsu air conditioning offers comprehensive maintenance services for residential and business air conditioning systems. You can acquire their services if you’re looking for a complete AC maintenance service.


Not Conducting Maintenance


What happens when you don’t go for AC maintenance? Well, the obvious answer is that it will ensure a slow yet steady decline in your air conditioner’s performance, all while energy consumptions slowly increase. Because dirt or some internal damages are hindering your AC unit, it will tend to overwork itself, causing your monthly electricity bills to skyrocket drastically.


If you’re doing maintenance on your own, here are some of the essential parts of your air conditioner that you need to check regularly:


  • Air Conditioner Filters


  • The component responsible for your AC to produce cool air and ensures the efficiency of your air conditioner.


  • Air Conditioner Coils


  • Once the AC unit’s dirt collector accumulates too much debris, it will hinder the machine’s overall functionality.



  • Coil Fins


  • These aluminium fins on your evaporator coils can easily bend, which can then block airflow going through your AC coils.


  • Window Seals


  • It’s essential that you inspect if the seal between your AC’s metal case and the window frame makes direct contact with each other.


Hire a Professional


When you aren’t proficient at conducting maintenance on your own, you can always hire a professional AC maintenance service team to help you out. Fujitsu air conditioning also offers skilled technicians who can find and fix AC problems and make sure your unit functions optimally. They should be able to conduct tasks like checking for the right amount of refrigerant, check for any leakage in the central systems, measure the ideal airflow in the AC coil, and much more.


Never Ignore Maintenance!


It’s always beneficial to make sure that your air conditioning unit functions at its best to avoid any additional costs on repairs and your monthly electric bills. That’s why you should not neglect the importance of conducting regular maintenance, as it is the primary operations that will ensure the longevity of your AC unit.