Novated Lease CalculatorOwning a private car is the best thing that can happen in your life after house ownership. A vehicle will raise your social status and comes with many other advantages. For example, if you own a car, you can always take your family out and attend to your daily errands conveniently without having to rely on the public transport vehicles. But owning a car is not that easy. You will have to work and save for many years to afford your dream car. Cars are costly regardless of whether you are buying a used or new car. Therefore, you need to be prepared financially to own a car.

Some people are not ready to work for three years to pay for their dream car in cash. For these people, there is always the option of getting a car loan or novated lease deals. Both the car loan and a novated lease deal will buy your dream car. However, these two deals are not the same, and one is better than the other and especially so for salaried employees. A car loan can be very helpful, but the problem is the high interest. On the other hand, a novated lease deal is very affordable, flexible and you can save lots of money by paying for a car loan before tax deductions are made by our employer.

When buying a car through novated lease deals, you stand to save a lot of money depending on your salary, payment period and also the cost of the vehicle. To know all these savings, you can use the online novated lease calculator. This calculator is very accurate for as long as you are entering the right details. Another thing about this calculator is that it is very safe and it is only you who can view the data. It means that your data is qualified. The fact that it is online means that your identity is protected as you need not sign up to use the calculator. For as long as you have the required inputs, you can calculate your savings and compare that to the typical car loan.

After you have used the novated lease calculator, you will realise that there are lots of savings and more so because the employer deducts the payments before tax. Therefore, all you need is to choose your dream car, look for the best car dealer and talk to your employer. Once everything is agreed, and the deal is signed, you will drive home with your dream car. The best thing is that the agreement includes the car fuel, insurance and maintenance cost. What more could you ask for? Consider novated lease deals and own your dream car the easy way.