Every homeowner acknowledges the importance of keeping their homes safe all the time, which is why investing in a security system has become a priority these days. In fact, homes without one installed are more likely to be broken into compared to those with CCTV security camera systems in Adelaide.

Unlike a couple of decades ago, practically everyone nowadays can afford to buy a CCTV system and use it to add security to their homes. Thanks to technology, even those that come cheap are capable enough to provide the essential security features one would want from it. However, if you want the guarantee that your investment will last for years to come, you might as well look for the best one in the market. Here are most important features to consider right before you start shopping.

  1. Weather Resistance Properties – If you intend to install cameras outside your home, then you should invest in one with weather-resistant If you reside in a city or town where snow storms and heavy rains are commonplace, you should look for a high-end variety because it more likely offers better durability and resistance to moisture, water, ultraviolet rays, and snow.

  1. Video Monitoring – One of the newest features of CCTV security camera systems in Adelaide for home use is remote access to the video feed. There are IP cameras compatible for integration with smart home devices to monitor the camera on a mobile hub like a smartphone or tablet.
  2. Motion Detection Feature – Your CCTV security system must have motion detection. Whenever the sensor detects movement, the security is immediately triggered, and the alarm sounds. It is the best way to catch any suspicious activity like trespassing. However, be reminded that a security camera with motion detection feature will substantially cost more.
  3. Versatility – You have the option to choose between a fixed security camera and an adjustable version. The latter is the better option because you have the flexibility to pan or tilt it to cover a larger area in your property. However, if you intend to monitor one room or a small yard, then a fixed camera is enough.
  4. Night Vision – It would not make much sense to buy a security camera that is rendered useless at night. The cheapest options out there have a substandard quality that they cannot see, monitor, or record anything at night. If you want additional security to cover night time, then invest in a camera with night vision.
  5. Microphone and Speaker – The earliest variants of security camera did not include sound, but now, you have the option to buy one with a speaker and microphone attached to it. It is apparently much better to monitor movement outside if there is sound.

A sophisticated home security system has all those features we discussed, but the more elements you want, the pricier the variant will be.