For those concerned about the global energy crisis or rising power bills, or perhaps both, alternative renewable energy is the way forward. Setting up alternative energy sources in your home can be both satisfying and cost-effective. While the wind and hydro energy are harnessed on a large scale, they are not yet ready to produce power at the domestic level. Solar energy, on the other hand, is more direct to harness and the system easier to install and implement. In fact, there are dozens of companies who do that for you – install solar power systems on your homes.

While solar water heaters continue to be the most popular and most widely adopted application of solar energy, appliances powered by solar panels are slowly increasing their share of the market. While these solar panels have obvious long-term cost savings, the upfront cost could be high, depending on the amount of power one looks to generate. Typically, there are three ways to approach harnessing solar energy for the home:

  1. Ready to install residential solar power systems

These are systems that can be purchased and installed in your home at one go. The advantage is that you don’t have to be an expert in solar power generation – the vendors would take care of it. The flip side is, of course, the upfront cost that is involved in purchasing one. Typically, to generate a power of 2 KW, you will have to spend roughly about 9,000 USD. The cost savings can be significant over the long run, though.

  1. Building own residential solar power system

One can do a fair amount of research and perhaps, buy a DIY guide and set about building a solar power system that can power an entire home. The cost of generating the energy of 2 KW might not be as high in this option. If done properly, the cost could be as less as 2500$. The flip side of this option is, however, that lack of expertise that could hamper building such a big system, notwithstanding the maintenance that one has to carry out on a regular basis.

  1. Making simple solar panels to power several appliances

This method is a non-expensive, practical, and fun way of harnessing solar energy. Building a simple solar panel can be a good DIY project, and there are a good number of guides out there that take you through the entire process of building one. Such panels are best suited for powering individual appliances than powering the entire home, and generating a power of 200 watts will not cost more than 200$. This option can be a good place to start for the first timers before deciding upon building / purchasing larger solar power systems.

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