Are you considering to have your palm tree removed? Are you worried about the cost? Then read more to get an insight of what goes on during a palm tree removal project and to know how you can save money.

A palm tree is removed when it is posing a danger or when you need to utilise the space occupied by the palm tree in a more productive way like when having a home extension project. Depending on the tree’s size, you can decide to sell it instead of having to remove the palm and get rid of it while there is someone who may be interested in buying your tree. Therefore, before you do a palm tree removal, it is essential to ask your palm tree removal company if they can help you sell the palm tree. However, if this does not happen or if the tree is too huge, then you have no option other than going for a removal.

Here are factors that will affect the palm tree removal Darwin cost. By knowing this factors, you will see if you can afford the service and what you can forego to make the process more affordable.

Size of the tree

The size of the tree is the major determinant of how much you will pay for the removal. You cannot compare a small tree with a huge tree in terms of the work needed for the removal. More work will be done to remove the huge tree and hence the high cost.


The location of the palm tree will also play a huge role when it comes to removal. If the tree is near buildings or structures that can be destroyed in the process, you will pay extra since the removal experts will spend more time as they have to be careful.

Stump removal

Are you in need of stump removal services? In most cases, many homeowners will have a palm tree cutting job accompanied by a stump removal at the same time. This will cost you more since the cost of the tree felling is quoted separately.

Haul away trunk

What are your plans when the tree is brought down? Where will you take the log? A palm tree is very huge and so expect to have lots of waste especially if the palm tree was not brought down as a whole due to closeness to structures. Therefore, if you will ask the removal company to handle the waste, then expect the palm tree removal Darwin cost to be high. This is because they will be doing extra work.

Other things that may influence the price include millage. How far will the removal company travel to access your property? If you consider all these, you will be able to do something about the cost and make the process more affordable.