Just like when you are purchasing any other stuff for your farm, buying premium silage wrap means weighing your options on the different varieties as well as the difference in prices. It is no surprise that price is a major determining factor, but it is not the only thing you must consider. Also, the difference in price is influenced by many factors, including but not limited to colour, brand, and the supplier.

The price of a standard roll of silage film may even differ from one supplier to another, and this means you should go the extra mile to talk to more than a couple of supplier or sellers before you make a purchasing decision. Some suppliers may even have different prices for their silage wrap, depending exclusively on the colour. For example, green and white silage wrap tend to cost more compared to the traditional black cover. However, mind you, not all suppliers do this; you might come across those who sell them at the same price regardless of their colour.

You have to be extra careful when buying silage wraps, especially when it comes to venting. Simply put, do not forget to vent those silage bags since fermentation naturally produces harmful gases, which in turn can rip the bag. If this occurs, there is a chance of substantial reduction of feed quality, something you certainly wouldn’t want to see. It is best to look for a silage wrap supplier offering unique venting systems made for silage bags. Ask if the vents are reusable because if they are not, they might not be worth the purchase in the first place. Those vents create a seal that works by letting harmful gases go out freely while at the same time preventing air from penetrating and finding its way into those bags.

You also might want to consider transparent packaging of bales, which makes good sense because potential problems inside are easily detected from the outside and without the need to cut into the plastic. Therefore, a prospective buyer like you can even see the quality of silage, but this time without having to tear into the wrap. Most products come with film colouring, but it is an excellent option to consider one that’s clear and still has UV resistance.

In case you are purchasing bale wrap by the pallet, suppliers usually agree that individual deals are possible when buying in bulk, but an agreement must be in place regarding the quantity. Whenever pallets are purchased using cash, you expect discounted prices in the process, depending on the supplier or seller with whom you are talking.

At this point, there is an increasing belief that premium silage wrap prices will increase in the next several months due to rising costs of production. However, even a price increase will not affect the demand for it.