If you are in the meat processing and supply business, am sure you know the stockinette bags. These are unique meat packaging bags that are allowed by the Australian food regulatory body and are also accepted internationally for those Australian business people who wish to export meat products. Now, as long as you are using quality bags, you can be sure that your meat supply and processing business will be successful as you will not have issues concerning hygiene. To be sure you are getting quality stockinette bags, you only need to buy from reliable suppliers and dealers.

However, when buying carcass bags, there is one more thing you need to consider before you make a purchase – stockinette bag printing. What is this? Well, as the name suggests, this is where you have your company details and any other relevant details printed on the bags before they are supplied to your company or business. In fact, it is like you will get customised carcass bags. Although you can get plain stockinette bags, the printed bags are the best, and this article will explain why.

We all want to create a good brand for our business, and this is no different when it comes to the meat industry. If your company involves meat exports and processing, then you need to market your business well, and one way of doing so is having your business name, logo, and contact details printed on all your meat product packaging. This way, anyone who comes across your product either in the supermarket or anywhere else will recognise your company, and this can be a good marketing strategy that will take your business to the next level.

Another reason why you need the carcass bags printed before they are delivered to your company is to have crucial information included in the meat packaging. For example, meat is sensitive and will always spoil when not well preserved. Therefore, you will want to add the preservation or refrigeration information dates on the bags. You can also include the expiry date. Also, if you are re-exporting, you can have the origin indicated as well as the plant name. This way, handling the meat products will be easy for both the logistics people and the consumer. Finally, another thing is that you can have the stockinette bags supplier translate the language if the meat products are exported to a country where your local language is not recognised. This will also facilitate easy handling. Therefore, before buying carcass bags, always ensure that you can get these services from the supplier.