When buying a home or building, nothing can convince potential buyers that they are offering too much for a building than to learn the structural condition of the property. It is regarding pest infestations and structural flaws. Many deals end up being terminated during the closing period after the buyer orders a pre-purchase inspection only to find a lot of past and structural problems that were not initially discovered and are expensive to repair.

In most cases, these problems are not necessarily concealed by the seller – often the seller had no idea that the problems existed. However, there some rogue dealers that cover-up the problems to make a quick purchase and still make a good deal. When these problems come to light, the result is often a cancelled sale or negotiation for a better price. Knowledgeable buyers and sellers will hire building inspection Melbourne services to protect their investment and to ensure that they do not make costly mistakes.

Is it the property owners to disclose property flaws?

In many estate transactions, it’s not the duty of the seller to discover potential problems with their properties. In most cases, property sellers are unaware of pest infestation problems, mainly the wood destroying pests that are eating away their property. As a buyer who is looking to invest his money in a property, let a home inspector open your eyes to what you are buying.


During the pre-purchase inspection, a pest inspector can detect the presence of bugs and other wood destroying insects, and a building inspector will provide important details about the structural integrity of the property. All in all, a full building inspection is an active investment before a property auction, and before you invest your hard-earned money. The cost of building inspections is minimal compared to surprise cost you may incur to repair the building after the closing the deal.

Why invest in a pre-sale building inspection?

When you have found a willing buyer who wants to buy your property and is ready to meet the quoted price, you need not lose the deal because of structural problems discovered during a pre-sale building inspection Melbourne. Avoid a headache. All you need is to hire a professional inspector.

The inspector will uncover problems and give you an opportunity to correct them before the potential buyers even set foot on the property. How else can you get the best price that to show your potential buyer that you have had the property inspected and corrected all of the problems?

It is the excellent way to avoid delays and cancellation and stay a step ahead of your buyer. A pre-sale building inspection will pay for itself over time, and you will not regret that you invested in the inspections. However, you can only be sure of making a worthy investment if you hire the right building inspectors. Click here to find the best building inspectors.