Decorating a home’s exterior via home improvements could be a very rewarding experience especially for the owners as it could denote status and success. It could also be a creative outlet for DIY-ers and a bonding experience for other family members who will be helping out in the process.

Retaining walls Adelaide for slopes are one of the common things encountered in landscaping. They are built to hold back soil and prevent it from cascading and stabilise earth, especially on uneven terrain. Plus, it can also help in creating more usable space. There are four common types including gravity, cantilevered, sheet piling, and anchored retaining walls. These should be able to resist the lateral pressure exerted by the soil or at times even water pressure. To alleviate or lessen hydrostatic pressure, an efficient drainage system must be in place behind the wall, unless otherwise it is intended for holding back water.

Gravity retaining walls are commonly made from concrete, stone, and other heavy material, and utilise its weight to hold back earth. They are typically three to four feet high; going much higher can get very difficult to construct properly.

The cantilevered type has two main parts. First is a very thin steel-reinforced stem. Second is the base consisting of 2 parts namely the “heel” located under the backfill, and the “toe” that is the remaining portion of the base. It utilises less amount of concrete as compared to gravity retaining walls and at times can be harder to design and construct properly.

Sheet piling types are typically constructed from vinyl, steel, or even wood planks. These are beneficial for tight spaces and soft soils.

Lastly, anchored versions can be in the form of sheet piling, cantilevered, or gravity, except that it is reinforced by cables and other materials that keep it anchored into the rock or soil behind it.

Deciding on the height of retaining walls Adelaide can be tedious as well. Professionals recommend it to be at the height of 3 feet or lower. If it is too high, there’s a big risk of it to not function properly as increasing its height also increases the force acting on it. Check also for any laws or provisions that may affect your construction activities in your local area.

If you’re still having issues deciding on which one to use or would need help in constructing one, it is always a good call to get the help of expert builders or contractors to get the job done for you.